A Mark Twain Guide to Copenhagen

Something changes in us when we travel, through exposure to new cultures and foreign contexts, we often return home with fresh perspectives that can make the everyday seem exotic. Its what we really do when we unpack our suitcases on arriving at our destination, that would add that unique experience to our travel. What if we could escape our current life to a Mark Twain’s definition of travel which is “fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness”. And that’s exactly where I escaped to, in order to fulfil my long-lasting desire for a new perspective in life. Hello Copenhagen.

Summer in Copenhagen is like warm mid-December sun kissed mornings in New Delhi, absolutely splendid. The most striking thing about this city is that you have all your favorite places: Paris, London and even Berlin combined in one. You experience life on every corner of the beautiful streets and the people of Copenhagen are, well basically “cool”. So, what made me fall in love with this city?


To be honest it was quite recently that I became in awe of Scandinavian design and Nordic living concept. It’s really hard to explain great Scandinavian design specially when there’s so many layers to it and each layer has an expression in a very simple way. Whether it’s a concept store or an open-air market, unique design is an inherent part of Scandinavian culture.


2. Bikes

If you come to Copenhagen you must rent a bike, even its just for a few hours. Bike culture is tied to Copenhagen, it’s a part of their culture and identity. More than half of the city’s inhabitants cycle to work or school.


3.  Meatpacking District

The place where all the hipsters get wasted, even on a Thursday. Today there is more design, music and culture going on in the meatpacking district than actually meat packing itself.


4.  Harbour

Copenhagen harbour is one of the few big harbours in Europe where you can go for a dip without falling victim to pollution. They make quite an effort to keep the water clean and people actually use it.


5.  Green Copenhagen

Ranked as a number one city for the best quality of life, Copenhagen has also successfully projected itself as the eco-friendliest city in the world. Go off the beaten path and slow things down by spending an afternoon in a beautiful cemetery or go camping like the Danes in the forests.


6.  Hygge

Lets see now, If Star Wars was danish then hygge would be the force. This effortles christmas everyday vibe is exactly what I brought back from a visit to copenhagen,plus I basically just ended up shopping a ton from H & M home section.


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