How to Fika Like a Local in Sweden

Fika is an intricate part of Swedish culture. Some would say it’s a simple coffee break during the day, some say its an institution while others call it cinnamon buns and coffee time but most importantly it’s about people getting together. What else is there to know about it though ? And what makes Fika so special ?

When you move to Sweden, Fika is one of the first words you learn. But, just knowing the word is not the fun part, it’s kind of a way of immersing yourself in Swedish society by simply enjoing a cardamom bread in the afternoon. So, if one was to Fika in Sweden, what would be the essentials:

  1. A cosy cafe
  2. Normally a hot beverage (depending on the season)
  3. Cake or something sweet
  4. Some company (optional)
  5. a book or a magazine (optional)

There you go, now lets Fika like a local together.

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