How to have “Le parfait” weekend in Pondicherry

Lets get one thing straight now, Pondicherry is nice. I know,  Nice!  really ? I couldn’t have used another adjective ? but it is what it is. Now, the white Town in particular, a small french colony infused perefctly in this Tamil state just won my heart instantly. You can now book flights directly to Pondicherry airport too but, my girlfriend and I landed at the  Chennai Airport as usual then, a three hour drive straight through palm tree passages, filter coffee and coconut water pitstops later, began our encounter with beautiful french inspired windows and colorful streets dressed in well, a very typical quaint French village fashion.

I hope to take you on a journey to some of the must visit places to stay, eat, shop and explore in this magical part of Pondicherry. So, if you’ve always wanted to visit Pondi then here are some of my top picks of this charming town and oh! dont forget to pack a book, lots of cotton wear, sunnies and sunscreen.


Maison Perumal




Palais de mahe


Coromandel cafe

Hotel de lorient pondicherry

Anand Bhavan

Located in the heart of White Town go there for local south indian delicacies and traditional sweetes. Also not to miss is their special filter coffee.






La Follie



Notre Dame des Anges


Bicycle Tour of French Quarter

All the above recommended places are in some way contributing back to society and play a very interesting role in creating a conscious environment for a better living. For further details on how to have a local and authentic experience in Pondicherry, plan your travel itinerary  by sending us a mail at

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