I Found A Piece of Myself in Milan & you will too

Milan, has a special place in my heart and not just because I studied here but mainly because I found a piece of myself amongst the quiet streets of this fashion and design capital of the world. While my student days in Milan limited me to understand the nature and history of the place at the time, it sure compensated for my hunger for vintage everything. And thus, began my journey as a vintage collector or, what most people including my mother would basically call “a hoarder”.

Milan is more of a city that grows on you and you learn to love, like an aged wine. The beauty is not as apparent as some of the other Italian cities like Florence or Venice, but that’s because a lot of the beauty or secrets here are hidden. So, lets find out what makes this city such a wonder after all.


1.The Galleria

Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle 2 is literally the first shopping mall in the world and today it houses all the luxury brands in the world, making it one of the most expensive pieces of real estate in the world. Within the arcade the brands need to adhere to some strict attention to detail in order to blend with the aesthetics of the arcade, making it one of the most important architecture.



Now if you want to get away from the tourist spots in Milan, then you need to head to Brera. It might be known for its classical beauty there, with the small pedestrian streets lined with cobbled stones. Brera is actually one of the areas in Milan which was not bombed as much as other areas, during the second world war therefore, it managed to keep its original beauty. One can see a mix of restaurants, art galleries, hidden installation workshops and of course renowned geletarias. Brera has some of the best of what Milan has to offer.




Caution: you will never look at coffee the same way after you’ve had coffee in Italy. The locals drink their coffee standing up by the bar in Italy and if you’re outside on some beautiful terrace sipping that lungo, then you might as well have tourist stamped across your forehead, and be prepared to pay extra.


4.Independent Boutiques

South of Milan is filled with independent shops stocking quirky finds and sought-after labels.


5.Art and Design

Visit the Wes Anderson design Bar luce for you mid-morning pickup.

Then head to Fondazione Prada, former distillery transformed by dutch architect Rem Koolhas whose array of changing exhibitions is stashed in a gold leaf encased tower.


6.Flamingos in Milano

Yes its true and they are real AF.


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