Your Guide To An Ultimate Movie Night

Its Friday, you’re tired and just want to come home straight from work, probably crack open a bottle or two and get some snack ready while you change into your “caught dead in them jammies”, you may have even ordered pizza for dinner from your office rather than submitting your weekly report to your boss. Now, its finally Netflix and chill time, but maybe not. There’s a shit selection of movies and now you’re stuck in a web of confusion, melancholy, you’re a little bit drunk and despite all search efforts you really don’t wanna watch the first episode of Narcos the 17th time yet again.

Well worry not, because I’ve got you covered on the perfect selection of “The not so mainstream cinema”, making not just Friday, but every night into, dun dun dun  “The Ultimate Movie Night”.

1.The Ritual


2. The Boy Downstairs

3. The Invitation

4. Two Night Stand

5. Spring

6. Garden State

7. Permission

8. Flower

9. All I See is You

10. Very Good Girls

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